Science Comics: The Brain (2018)

From the minds of Tory Woollcott and Alex Graudins comes the next installment in the Science Comics series.

Fahama has been kidnapped by a mad scientist and his zombie assistant, and they are intent on stealing her brain! She'll need to learn about the brain as fast as possible in order to plan her escape!

How did the brain evolve? How do our senses work in relation to the brain? How do we remember things? What makes you, YOU? Get an inside look at the human brain, the most advanced operating system in the world . . . if you have the nerve!

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When the Rules Aren’t Right (2016)

Written by Leslie Tolf, with seven female illustrators, When the Rules Aren’t Right tells the tale of teenage Emma, tired of parents who only talk about work and money, a self-obsessed older sister, and a college-educated brother who’s moved back home and seems destined to stay there. She complains of chores and know-nothing classes, oblivious to the bigger world out there that could use her help, until her grandmother takes her on a radical journey through labor history!